2 Grade Math Homework

2 Grade Math Homework-26
Even though there aren’t any 3-digit addition pages, there are plenty of story problems using 2 and 3-digit numbers. Well, using larger numbers helps students solidify their base-10 understanding.If they have to decompose 186 into 100 80 6 in order to figure out a problem, you can bet they’re really thinking about the numbers and how place value can help them find the answer.

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The idea is for students to: Each problem solving page has 3 problems and plenty of work room.

Topics cover addition, subtraction (1 and 2-step problems), comparisons, multiplication, division, money, and writing their own story problems.

You should then see day 1 literacy on one side and day 1 math on the back.

I hope you find this as useful in your 2nd grade as my team does!

These are sums to 20 that students should know automatically.

The directions ask students to circle any problems they don’t know and continue, then return and solve the problems they circled.

These 5 language art strands cycle through every 5 days of the homework. I found that when I sent home problems like that, all of the amazing, creative thinking and problem solving perseverance that I’d nurtured like a rare orchid was crushed under the booted foot of, “Look what my mom showed me!

” No longer were they interested in 24 addition, subtraction, or mixed problems.

If you’re interested in learning more about our 2nd grade homework, you can get the table of contents here. At our Teachers Pay Teachers shop you can download a 10-page sample (pages 61-70). If you purchase the set, each file is 2-days worth of homework.

It’s meant to be copied back-to-back and then cut in half.


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