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As portrayed by Russell Crowe, Nash showed all of these symptoms.

As portrayed by Russell Crowe, Nash showed all of these symptoms.

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For John Nash, these symptoms lasted from at least when he was in graduate school, if not before, and continued for the rest of his life.

It is unclear exactly what causes schizophrenia, although it appears that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are involved (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2005).

There was an apparent loss of motivation that would be more accurately described as a misplaced motivation.

Finally, the DSM also specifies that "For a significant portion of the time since the onset of the disturbance, one or more major areas of functioning such as work, interpersonal relations, or self-care are markedly below the level achieved prior to the onset" (APA, section 295).

However, Nash won a Nobel Prize for developing a theory which showed that Adam Smith was not necessarily correct.

Thinking that he was smarter than Einstein and Smith, or, for that matter, his instructors at Princeton, was not necessarily delusional behavior for John Nash.

This criteria describes Nash's ragged personal appearance, his work history, and the problems in his marriage.

DSM-IV also requires that these symptoms must be present for at least 6 months.

In the movie, Nash compares it to being on a diet and choosing not to indulge in his fantasies.

This is, in my opinion, an inaccurate and potentially dangerous depiction.


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