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In the beginning of the story, the mental disturbance that Seymour displays to the readers contributes to the climax of the story.Muriel stays in the hotel room and talks to her mother on telephone. She tells about a car accident that Seymour crashed Muriel's father's car into a tree on propose.The shocking end to the story exemplifies what dedicated readers of Salinger have come to appreciate as the intricate relationship between humor and misfortune.

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In the end of the story, Seymour shoots himself in the hotel room; his suicide is also the climax of the story.

Seymour undergoes a series of change from the beginning to the climax; at first he keeps silence with the adults, then becomes talkative and pleasant with the little girl, and reaches the climax by shooting himself in the end.

The characteristics of Seymour observed through the conversation of Muriel and her mother is that Seymour is an outsider, and he lost his ability to accept the adult society; he likes to close himself up to his own world.

The war leaves a severe mental unrest to him; he is psychologically damaged from the war, which leads his suicidal intention to end his pain. Salinger explores this elusive innocence in his short story, "A Perfect Day for Bananafish." Distinct similarities appear between the main character, Seymour Glass, and Salinger including the World War II “Call me the instant he does, or says, anything at all funny--you know what I mean” (Salinger 1).

She lets it ring until she has done what she has to do; then, with complete mastery of the situation, she answers the phone.

Muriel also controls quite convincingly the telephone conversation with her mother, who certainly is a woman of strong convictions and definite personality.

Sybil is the young girl who plays and chats with Seymour on the beach.

She and Seymour share the same characteristics, innocent and alone.

The story tells about the vacation of a young married couple, Muriel and Seymour Glass.

Seymour Glass, the protagonist of the story is a returned soldier from the war who is suffering from psychological trauma due to the brutal impacts of the war.


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