Al Capone Research Paper

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As one of the best known gangsters in history, Al Capone is often studied in terms of the influence he has had both on later organized criminals and on popular culture.

As well as being a popular subject for essays and research papers he can also be used to illustrate many points in a speech.

He soon began to focus ina legitimate career, since he had to support his new family.

Capone became a "capablebookkeeper for Peter Aiello's construction firm" (Bardsley).

"At fourteen, he lost his temper at the teacher, she hit him and he hit her back.

He was expelled and never went to school again"(Bardsley).He jumped to his feet and punched the man who insulted his sister.Capone flew into a rage and Gallucio pulled out a knife to defend himself.As time progressed, Capone began to get closer to a local gangster, this man was known as Johnny Torrio: A breed of gangster, a pioneer in the development of a modern criminal enterprise.Torrio's administrative and organizational talents transformed crude racketeering into a kind of corporate structure, allowing his businesses to expand as opportunities emerged.Al Capone became one of a few of Johnny Torrio most trusted people.Torrio had trusted Capone so much he recommended him "to one of the most feared, respected, and anotorious gangster"(Bardsley), an individual by the name of Francesco "Yale" Iole. Capone's luck turned suddenly: When he waited on the table of a young couple.He cut Capone's face three times before he grabbed his sister and ran out of the place.While the wounds healed well, the long ugly scars would haunt him forever.(Bardsley)Capone felled in love and made the choice to quite.From Torrio, a young Capone learned invaluable lessons that were the foundation of the criminal empire he built later in Chicago.(Bardsley)At this point of his life, nobody would ever consider that Capone would go on to be the2a criminal czar that he ultimately became.


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