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Undergraduate Project Topics for Thesis Work (last updated: 27/09/2017) 1. Local synaptic connections of projection neurons in spinal lamina I Supervisors: Dr. Ervin Wolf We are testing our new MFM (morphofunctional matrix) method to establish the usefulness of this technique in classification of neurons based on both neuronal geometry and on the way how dendrites of different neurons conduct postsynaptic potentials.

Interrogation of spinal dorsal horn circuits with electrophysiological and optogenetic tools Supervisors: Dr. We use computers to simulate and analyse impulse propagation in geometrically faithful models of neurons and then apply statistical procedures to group these neurons based on their dendritic structure and their impulse propagation.

One thing to consider when coming up with topic ideas is the right resources.

There are many websites, reference books, and even mobile apps offering potential ideas depending on how you look at the information. This includes writing down ideas that pop into your head.

This means you should choose potential sources wisely.

Writing a good thesis on your topic of anatomy or marine biology will depend on what you know about your idea.You are not required to have a separate historiography section but the thesis must be grounded in relevant historiography. Scholarly essay (25-35 pages) Any thesis in the master’s program must be based on original research and should add to the literature on the topic.This section will not only serve the purposes of the public history thesis, but would be an adequate writing sample should the student decide to pursue doctoral study.The advisor will be the primary instructor who oversees the student's thesis work, while second and third readers may offer advice and read some of the thesis, although they generally wait to read a completed thesis.All thesis students will meet with their full committees at least twice--first to defend their thesis proposal at the end of HIST 6693, and secondly to defend the completed thesis and project.The Director of Public History need not be a member of a public history student's thesis committee but will work with the student on her/his public history project and provide written comments to the student's thesis committee in advance of any thesis defense.These are merely offered as some general guidelines and are the minimum requirements. Light- and electron microscopy level analysis of the axons and axon collaterals of spinal lamina I projection neurons Supervisors: Dr. Morphometric analysis of excitatory and inhibitory interneurons in the spinal dorsal horn Supervisors: Dr. Possible applications of morphofunctional matrices for classification of neurons (computer modelling) Supervisor: Dr.Finally, we check whether or not neurons within a given MFM group are related to one another based on other independent studies so that we can justify the MFM method. Three-dimensional reconstruction of thalamocortical axons in the primary somatosensory cortex of rats Supervisor: Dr. Mapping of synapses on dendrites of GABAergic neuron subtypes in the cerebral cortex Supervisor: Dr.The instructor of HIST 6693 and Director of Public History will then determine whether the student is sufficiently prepared to enter the thesis track.If deemed unprepared, students may be encouraged to pursue the traditional history track via the exam option, or to leave the program.


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