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So, for all of those graduate students working feverishly on their theses, here is some advice from faculty members and staff on how best to prepare to present a final project. "Discuss your design process and methods, not just the outcomes.

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Never try to have a defensive attitude, listen and answer by increasing the debate, not by confronting.

Don't explain what your drawings or panels are able to say themselves.

"When you feel anxious, look at cute animals on the internet."Jan Braun, Student Services Assistant and Faculty Office Assistant 6.

"You are in charge of the final review: in terms of content, order and direction of discussion. The size/scale of the drawings and amount of time spent focused on them in the presentation impacts how much they will be discussed. The drawings should be your guide during the presentation.

Critics are responding to what you say and what you show AND what you don't say or show. The initial statements you make will implicate how the rest of your presentation is received. Don't prioritize your background information over your design work. They will help you if you forget your place, and they are backup if you forget to say something.

You need to provide your critics with the information they need in order to evaluate your project. You have worked so hard all term – let the drawings work for you!

"Model making will always take twice as long as planned.

Visit the workshop early to make sure the materials you need are in stock.

The cut list (requests for materials to be cut in the workshop) is first come, first served - requests can be sent to [email protected]"Johnny Bui, Workshop Technologies & Facilities Officer 9.

"When it comes time to present your project, don't feel like you have to include everything you've worked on into your presentation.


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