Argumentative Essay On Recycling

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But these certainly aren’t reasons to stop recycling, say Sanborn and Gedert.

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Most producers of the products do not take responsibility for the waste because of the economic factors involved in the collection and disposal of the wastes.

Therefore, for the government to ensure more responsible management of the wastes, making it mandatory to recycle the wastes can help.

"Waste reduction Tips," Manufacturing Industry Recycling Newsletter, Vol. The household contributes a big part of the national municipal solid waste, but indeed the bigger part comes from the industry and business operations. S., this waste product has hit a very astonishing count. Trash stacks travel through several paths, addressing mostly to their final destination in local landfills or recycling centers.

ecycling and Trash Collection in Modern Countries Garbage becomes a community problem in many countries. (2000) claimed that the states had produced around 409,029,000 tons of municipal solid waste in 2000.

There are frequent cases of materials being gathered for recycling to be eventually thrown away as waste. Retrieved February 18, 2009, from So ftpedia Website: Grabianowksi, Ed.

Argumentative Essay On Recycling

"Independent Survey of Communities Shows Recycling Access Widespread With Room for Growth." 30 Oct. [Read More] References Best Buy Expects to Collect Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of Old Electronics at Third Annual Electronics Recycling Event in Richfield (press release). Accessed on 28 June, 2005 Commission Decision of 11 March, 2004. There are communities which refrain from collecting hard-to-recycle materials for the fact that they do not possess the appropriate methods of recycling such substances.

Retrieved February 18, 2009, from King County Web site:

Rubber from tires is being collected all around the world in large piles without anyone caring about the damage that those…… "How recycling works." Retrieved February 18, 2009, from Ad Council Web site: Waste Disposal." (2008).

Perhaps you’ve heard — or made — the argument that putting more trucks on the road to collect recycled materials, and building the machines necessary to process recyclables so they can be reused, seems like it can’t be good for the environment. That is a valid question, says Bob Gedert, president of the National Recycling Coalition.

“There are many studies out there that have done a life cycle analysis of recycling,” he says, noting that sustainable materials management — or recycling and reusing materials in the most efficient way possible — is a growing field of study in the sustainability world.


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