Arguments Against Capital Punishment Essay

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With the increase in capital offenses, there are heated debates over the efficacy of death penalty in deterring crime and as a form of retribution justice.

Consequently, scholars and legal experts have come up with contradicting perspectives and divergent theoretical constructs for examining the appropriateness of using the capital punishment for radical crimes.

This paper critically examines whether death penalty should be mandatory for people who kill others and the reasons behind it.

In doing this, the paper examines the positive aspects of the death penalty and summarizes the counterarguments.

The other argument for death penalty is based on the understanding hat it eliminates villains and habitual killers from the society who would otherwise continue to harass people.

Arguments Against Capital Punishment Essay

The proponents argue hat when a criminal is executed he no longer poses any threat.

The proponents of the death penalty argue that confining criminals to prisons and rehabilitation centers involves expenditure of taxpayer’s money.

The costs of death penalty are paltry compared with the enormous expenditure of public funds and the general impact of release of such people to the societies.

Based on the retribution approach, the murderer put on death penalty gets a deservedly punishment as reflected in the lex talionis.

Why the society should be forced to keep criminals in jails and prisons paying for their foods, their shelter and security.


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