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None of these techniques are particularly elegant, and you wouldn’t want to email a file with a few macros to a colleague and tell them, “Okay, go to the Tools menu, select Macro, then select Macro, then click on My First Macro in the list, and click Run.” It would be nice to just tell them, “Click the First Macro button.” You can assign a macro to a few types of objects: The Forms toolbar will appear.

Here you should see, in the Project window, the VBAProject associated with your workbook.

Under the project will be a folder called 'Modules' - double-click on this and it will show that it contains a module called 'Module1'.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work.

Attempting to get a command button to run a simple pre-recorded macro. Here you should see, in the Project window, the VBAProject associated with your workbook.

The Assign Macro dialog pops up with a list of macros in the active worksheet for you to select from.

Select a macro and click OK, or Cancel (you can select a macro at a future time).But it works wrong when I click (copies the same thing), but works properly when I run macro's itself. code: Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Sheets("Archive"). Select Active Sheet.unprotect Password:="111" Call Macro1 Sheets("Archive").I have a macro written in the Excel workbook which is assigned to a button. Clear Contents 'Set IE = New Internet Explorer off Set = 0 r = 0 k = 0 Set IE = Create Object("Internet Explorer. Seriously though, lets assume that you already have your recorded macro.Within this module you will see the macro that you recorded, make a note of the name (probably Macro1).I'm trying to associate a macro to a control button so that I can click the button on the form & the macro runs.I am able to do this in Excel very easily by right clicking on the button & then "assign macro"; however, it doesn't appear to be this simple with Word.I now create a new form in VBA and try to assign the same code to a command button. This is a code to navigate through the specified URL and extract information to my excel workbook. Alternatively, you can type 'Module1' immediately followed by a full stop (.) - this will then give you the option to choose from the macros contained in Module1. That's it, whenever you click the button your routine will be executed.HTH Hi, I used macros for my activex controls button.


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