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7.3 Exploration of human resources function The human resource function can employ the right potential staff.

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Getting the recruitment process right The recruitment process can be very costly.

It takes a great deal of time to set up an effective recruitment process.

BARS has a relatively low rate of rater error and that BARS is relatively effective in fostering communication between employees and supervisors about job performance's BARS are based on statements (behavioural anchors) about job behaviour and worker activity that is under the control of the employee being rated.

These statements are attached to scales in order to rate performance as good, fair, or poor.

This involves deciding on what the jobs that are to be recruited for will entail, advertising, sifting through applications, checking which applications best meet the criteria set down for the post, interviewing candidates and, finally, selecting the best candidate for the post. Conclusion In this case, the business should ensure that the employees are all adequately trained for their specific tasks, and investigate any other reasons for the poor quality of the output.

It is vital that the reasons for this are discovered quickly, since the effect on customer loyalty and reputation could be disastrous if the business supplies poor quality output to its customers.

7.2 Performance evaluations Performance evaluations, like other personnel management functions, must be job-related.

One of the most job-related approaches toward performance evaluation is known as behaviourally anchored rating scales (BARS).

The report has been divided into four parts to ensure a comprehensive coverage of Marks and Spencer has been researched and also to give the report a main structure of the human resources departments. Part 1 = Planning Part 2 = Recruitment & Selection Part 3 = Training & Development Part 4 = Performance Management This unit provides an insight into how businesses recruit and manage their human resources.

It shows that if businesses are to achieve their objectives, they must plan their human resource function so that they have the right number of employees with the appropriate qualifications and training to meet the needs of the business.


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