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Almost without think about it she accepts the role as mother to the child that has been placed in her care.Shortly after Taylor bestows the name of Turtle on the baby girl, of what appears be two years old. When she was given to Taylor she had several bruises on her body.In Tucson Taylor must somehow come to terms with both motherhood and the necessity for putting down roots.

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This however is not all of the themes that are used, but they are some of the more prominent and reoccurring ones in the novel.

One of the themes is teen pregnancy, it however is primarily only talked about it the first chapter.

Soon there after, Turtle starts to quiet down again.

During this time Taylor has made other friends, one of witch is Mattie. She also runs an underground railroad for refugees and in this case, from Guatemala.

This sort of behavior is common among young victims of abuse.

They do not however go into much detail in this matter, just that she has in fact been abused.The most glaring and literal examples of this are Esperanza and Estevan, who are refugees and illegal immigrants in the United States, the most extreme case of characters who have fled from their homeland.However, each of the other main characters are also outsiders in their respective areas.By the time two tires give way in Tucson she has unexpectedly acquired a stunned, silent three-year-old Cherokee girl who was, literally, dropped into her arms one night.She christens the child Turtle, for her strong, snapping-turtle-like grip.This is one of the greatest driving forces for getting Taylor out of Kentucky.Taylor starts in a society where the many of the After finishing her food she goes outside to her car.After getting into her car an old Cherokee woman that she had seen earlier in the diner comes over to the car.This woman more or less gives Taylor a child, which she places into Taylor’s car.These fellow travelers help one another create new lives and redefine the meanings of home and family.The Bean Trees is an affecting story about love and friendship, abandonment and belonging, and the discovery of surprising resources in apparently empty places.


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