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But eventually the researchers were able to develop a coding system that allowed them to compare teaching across the various classrooms.Here’s what they found: Teaching in the United States looked very different from teaching in Japan.Students did not appear to be learning the math in a very deep way. There’s nothing wrong with learning tricks if they help you remember things.

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The routine for most teachers at the time was: Go in your classroom and shut your door.

Typically the only people who saw you teach were your students, maybe a student teacher or a classroom aide.

A typical class might begin with the teacher giving students a word problem, like in the video above.

The students come up with as many ways as they can to solve the problem.

And what was perhaps more remarkable is that teaching within each country looked pretty much the same.

In other words, most eighth-grade math teachers in the United States were teaching math pretty much the same way.The researchers came up with a name to describe the way students in the United States were being taught math.They called it “learning terms and practicing procedures.” Teachers would present definitions of terms and demonstrate procedures for solving specific problems.No one had ever attempted to videotape teaching on a wide scale like this. Here’s one of the videos, of an eighth-grade math class in the United States, circa 1994.The videographers in Japan and the United States would record a class, ship it off to the researchers, and then go to another school to record another class.In the Japanese lesson above, students spend almost the entire class period working on one word problem. The teacher walks around, looking at their work, and asking questions like, “How did you obtain this? In the United States, it was typical for teachers to intervene at the first sign of confusion or struggle.Hiebert says there are big differences between how teachers in the U. and teachers in Japan tend to think about the value of struggle.The researchers came up with a name to describe Japanese teaching.They called it “structured problem solving.” The researchers concluded that the American teaching approach did not require students to do much mathematical thinking and reasoning. Supplementary: 180.” I remember learning lots of little tricks like this in my math classes growing up.“Our goal was to find out what an average eighth-grader would experience when they got up in the morning, went to their local school and had math class,” says James Hiebert, a professor at the University of Delaware and one of the researchers who worked on the study.No one really knew what American teaching looked like.


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