Book Report Books For 6th Grade

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Then the doctor delivers some terrible news: The sideways curve in Rachel’s spine has gotten worse, and she needs to wear a back brace twenty-three hours a day.The brace wraps her in hard plastic from shoulder blades to hips.

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This list consists of middle grade books published from June 2016 up to July 2017, so these are all books fresh off the presses and ready to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Notes:*This symbol is next to middle grade books that I consider excellent for reluctant readers. Almost Paradise by Corabel Shofner“Twelve-year-old Ruby Clyde Henderson’s life changes the day her mother’s boyfriend holds up a convenience store, and her mother is wrongly jailed for assisting with the crime.

It changes how her clothes fit, how she kicks a ball, and how everyone sees her–even her friends and Tate.

But as Rachel confronts all the challenges the brace presents, the biggest change of all may lie in how she sees herself.”8.

Soojin is suddenly hanging out with Emily, one of the “cool” girls in the class, and even talking about changing her name to something more “American.” Does Amina need to start changing too? While Amina grapples with these questions, she is devastated when her local mosque is vandalized.”3. Frank *“Charlie isn’t looking forward to sixth grade.

If he starts sixth grade, chances are he’ll finish it.It’s also home to Coralee, a girl with a big personality and even bigger stories.Coralee may be just the friend Ethan needs, except Ethan isn’t the only one with secrets.The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya“For Arturo, summertime in Miami means playing basketball until dark, sipping mango smoothies, and keeping cool under banyan trees.And maybe a few shifts as junior lunchtime dishwasher at Abuela’s restaurant. But this summer also includes Carmen, a cute poetry enthusiast who moves into Arturo’s apartment complex and turns his stomach into a deep fryer.The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase by Wendy Mass (second in a series) *“It has been a few months since the nationwide New Candy Contest, and Logan, Miles, Philip, and Daisy have returned to their regular lives.But when the winning candy bar comes down the conveyor belt at the Life is Sweet candy factory, Logan realizes something’s very wrong….Coralee’s are catching up with her, and what she’s hiding might be putting both their lives at risk.”13.Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang by Victoria Coe *“When evil bunnies invade the Dog Park, Fenway’s hot on their trail.Summer is here, and what better time for middle grade readers (and adults) to discover their next favorite book!This list was hard to compile, not because I couldn’t think of one hundred books, but because there were so many great ones.


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