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She also was nervous and showed this by chewing her nails and playing with her hair. The influence of self-concept was strong with Brian Johnson for he had no sense of self.

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He revealed this when he talked to himself in the mirror and also in his chat with the janitor.

He made a perception error here by saying that the kids had changed and were all "pricks". Bender would just slice anyone down with his aggressive behavior and verbal abuse.

To begin with the film started out with a communication climate that was both tense and without verbal communication.

This was mainly due to the variance in membership constructs of the characters involved.

Bender showed no respect for anyone, including this authoritative symbol, the principle.

The principle felt he had to raise his voice and show his power. He had low self-esteem, he didn't think the kids really respected him, and he felt that they had changed, to rebel against him.She made up for her lack of general skills and abilities by turning the discussion to how popular and rich she was. He was an athlete who was assertive, confident, and had high self-esteem.His problem was that he couldn't think for himself.Two hits, me hitting you, you hitting the floor." He again demonstrated direct aggression later on in the movie during another conflict with Bender.He said, "If we weren't in school I'd waste you." Andrew had made a perception error. He said to Bender "Only weed burners smoke dope", which classified Bender as a drug-using bum.He showed compassion when he put himself in the place of the nerd he taped. Again Andrew showed his compassionate side with Allison. She then revealed through self-disclosure that her problem at home was that her parents ignored her.He could then relate to what she was going through.Each person had there on personality and taste at the beginning of the film.I believe that communication played the biggest part in the movie.Oh what can you really learn in Saturday detention.The Breakfast Club film contained a wide variety of behavior and stereotypes.


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