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and that's where your ability to size up salable merchandise comes in handy.True, you can't win 'em all: You'll sometimes find yourself taking what you can get for an article or tossing it out the back door.They said people bought the paper just to read our notices! Puppies given all children unaccompanied by parents. Browsing privileges extended to animals and people." Or sometimes we'd paraphrase the advertising of the leading furniture stores. ) Whether our ads really sold papers I don't know, but they did sell our goods.

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Most regretfully we said goodbye to our 40 acres, purchased a two-story house and had it moved to one of the parcels adjoining the store.

This worked out fine because we could keep an eye on the children while working next door.

They've also developed self-reliance by assisting in the store and running the house.) That's the surface history of our venture ...

but you're probably more interested in the do's and don'ts in how to start a thrift store business, the profit possibilities and some of the side benefits.

(Of course, we've never sold our dream of returning to the land when the offspring leave the nest ...

and, meanwhile, the business has kept them in pretty good feathers as they grow up.It was a miracle that he lived through the experience.Once out of the hospital, our breadwinner found that the lumberyard had changed hands and the new owner had brought in his own crew.As time went on, our thrift store business grew ...but not quite enough to both finance the increasing amount of stock it required pay us a decent wage.With three kids in grade school, though, we had to make money in quantity.) I'll pass over briefly what was in fact a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Then we found a large Quonset with three lots for sale outside the town's main business section on a well-traveled street.My husband did carpentry work when the unemployment ran out and helped at the store as he could ... This was a steal at ,500, and the Scott family (with a big assist from the bank) bought it.Now I'm not going to sit here barefaced and claim that that's all there was to our fresh start. We suffered through days and days of sitting on our small stock and praying that somebody would buy just a dollar's worth.The store was listed as belonging to me, but my husband was able to help as his strength increased.Then again, I welcome the chance to sort out some of the public's weird beliefs about dealers in used goods.) Our introduction to the thrift store business came about through necessity several years ago.We were living on a 40-acre tract and my husband drew around 0 a month from a lumberyard in a nearby town.


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