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He was born without arms, couldn’t walk or talk, and had many other severe physical and mental defects. I cannot remember a time when I did not have a genuine interest in every person that I met. No, the passages above are the opening lines to essays that helped to win the writers of those words an invitation to enroll as an MBA student at the Harvard Business School in this year’s incoming Class of 2016.Those essays are among 23 that are being published for the first time from admitted applicants who have applied under HBS’ new, slimmed down application process.No matter what college you would like to enroll at, you will need to write an admission essay.

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“I cannot wait to connect with my peers and use their collective experiences to optimize the MBA experience for the Class of 2016 as I elevate my business intelligence, leadership skills, and overall way of thinking to the highest possible level.

I am dedicated to making my classmates and all the HBS faculty, staff, and alumni part of my timeline for all the years to come.

His ultimate goal: “In the long-term,” he wrote, “I want to work at the intersection of finance and the underprivileged.

I’ve seen the way in which the financial services sector benefits the well-off but often serves as a barrier to the lower income, and I’m convinced this is where my work would matter the most.” What about the applicant whose brother had Robert’s Syndrome?

As (MBA Admissions Director) Dee Leopold says, ‘Getting into HBS is not an essay writing contest.’ She’s right. It’s a bunch of people telling stories about themselves.

I think it would benefit applicants very much to see those stories.

They are very, very different and part of why we want people to see them is that they demonstrate there is no secret formula for the perfect essay.” A quick reading of the essays certainly confirms Mohamed’s perspective.

Some start bluntly and straightforwardly, without a compelling or even interesting opening.

Consider: “I would like HBS to know that I have made the best out of my opportunities, that I have purposefully sought to advance personally and professionally and that my resolve has directly impacted my development.” How did those openings at the start of this article end?

The applicant with the tattooed father joined the Air Force, got a college education, and began teaching critical thinking skills to prisoners.


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