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Seen first in Thomas's approach to immunology at NYU Medical School, where Thomas "helped transform immunology into a clinical science and built unusually collaborative and interdisciplinary research teams" (Woodlief).Later, in 1982, Thomas penned an article for the titled "The Art of Teaching Science," in which he described an approach to education that stretched across all disciplines (the sciences, humanities, social sciences, etc) in order to find cohesion between these areas and find a common thread. There are more than seven times seven types of ambiguity in science, all awaiting analysis.

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Thomas found this thread in knowledge waiting to be discovered and decoded: "We might begin by looking more closely at the common ground that science shares with all disciplines, particularly with the humanities and with social and behavioral science. The poetry of Wallace Stevens is crystal clear alongside the genetic code" ("Teaching" SM89).

The recognition of this commonality was important to Thomas's writing because it gave him perspective and a refreshing frame of mind for approaching the complicated web of our relationship with each other and our surroundings.

According to Woodlief, Thomas went on to publish a second collection of essays from Thomas's perspective throughout his writing encouraged his focus on multiple disciplines, rather than on just his medical and biology backgrounds.

Growing up in a family with a physician father figure and nurse mother figure, Thomas was exposed solely to science and scientific thought.

Thomas grasped the opportunity and began writing his first personal essays.

They focused largely on the connections between the biology of the human body and nature.

This unique collaborative, interdisciplinary approach is also seen in his writing and critical thinking, as he applies it to his view of human nature and our existence on Earth.

Thomas, who had written numerous science articles and research documents previously, began writing his personal articles in 1971, while he was working at Yale Medical School in the Department of Pathology (Woodlief).

The video below describes Thomas's ideas about the connections between music and biology, and his belief that music is a manifestation of our thoughts and consciousness, therefore influencing our development and our consciousness.

throughout his residency at Boston City Hospital, in which he was mostly concerned with "medical experiences, death, and war" (Woodlief).


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