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they are members of the same union), the behavior is undefined unless the overlap is exact and the types are compatible.

Although arrays are not assignable, an array wrapped in a struct is assignable to another object of the same (or compatible) struct type.

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The use of the comma token as an operator is distinct from its use in function calls and definitions, variable declarations, enum declarations, and similar constructs, where it acts as a separator.

In this example, the differing behavior between the second and third lines is due to the comma operator having lower precedence than assignment. a=1, b=2, c=3, i=1 i = (a = 2, a b); // increases a by 2, then stores a b = 3 2 into i ...The result has the type and value of the right operand.Functionally, your example is equivalent to (the much more readable ?And obviously, C programming language being among the commonly used languages in the world of programming, the topic is always there in the computer science curriculum.Truth be told, C programming language is usually not easy to comprehend just by studying it theoretically.An assignment operation assigns the value of the right-hand operand to the storage location named by the left-hand operand.Therefore, the left-hand operand of an assignment operation must be a modifiable l-value.We treat all your projects as a top priority and get them completed with utmost precision and dedication.Once you have availed our services, we connect you with our C programming experts who are highly experienced in this field.) : From Wikipedia: In the C and C programming languages, the comma operator (represented by the token ,) is a binary operator that evaluates its first operand and discards the result, and then evaluates the second operand and returns this value (and type).The comma operator has the lowest precedence of any C operator, and acts as a sequence point.


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