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Through this research, people will more understand the current security system in University of Malaya and thus the administrators and security personnel could more concern on the current security system problem so that will gives awareness to them so that safety of students and the campus more secure.

By managing well in campus security, not only the university community will feel more secure, the visitors will also enjoy the benefits because the probability to face problems will be lower.

government, private, commercial or educational institution. Thus, university security personnel such as campus security officers and campus security guard need to have a strong understanding of campus security.

There are many important responsibilities are being brought out in running a university.

In carrying out this study, understanding of the definition of security and Security Management of campuses and universities will be carried out from secondary data such as magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, journal articles and abstracts as well as the data mainly collected from internet.

Besides that, the current security system of University of Malaya can also be studied.

Thus, every data and information gathered will be analyzed before the study can reach the conclusion.

This chapter provides a concise introduction to the topic of this study.

The area of study will concentrate on whole University of Malaya and also Security Office of University of Malaya.

The target segment of this research will mainly focus on the students of University of Malaya so that to achieve the objective of the study.


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