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Step by step the music will accelerate the rhythms speed up past the regular heartbeat.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! Aristotle states that the purpose of tragedy is to arouse “terror and pity” and thereby effect the catharsis of these emotions.His exact meaning has been the subject of critical debate over the centuries.If aware of the patterns and dynamic of catharsis though, it is possible to see the thresholds of escapism.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.There is no art form that has not built-in mechanisms that simulate catharsis. Take the best-known and powerful of examples—Beethoven's 9th symphony.There are very good reasons, why this work is performed whenever there is the need to soothe a grieving collective or to enhance a moment of national unity.The German dramatist and literary critic Gotthold Lessing (1729–81) held that catharsis converts excess emotions into virtuous dispositions.Other critics see tragedy as a moral lesson in which the fear and pity excited by the tragic hero’s fate serve to warn the spectator not to similarly tempt providence.The interpretation generally accepted is that through experiencing fear vicariously in a controlled situation, the spectator’s own anxieties are directed outward, and, through sympathetic identification with the tragic protagonist, his insight and outlook are enlarged.Tragedy then has a healthful and humanizing effect on the spectator or reader.


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    Catharsis is the experience of relief from emotional distress through the free and uninhibited expression of emotion. When members tell their story to a supportive audience, they can obtain relief from chronic feelings of shame and guilt.…

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