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Additionally, the CBT Worksheet Packet, with a variety of conceptualization and therapy worksheets, is available for purchase.Each worksheet includes explanations of how to use the form, a filled-in example, and a blank copy that can be reproduced for clients.

The consequences of negative thinking are cumulative.

One negative thought piled on top of another starts to take a toll on how you view yourself and your future. If you think that any mistake is a failure, this all-or-nothing thinking can lead to anxiety.

Feeling trapped is one of the common causes of depression.

Negative thinking that can lead to anxiety or depression can also lead to addiction, because anxiety and depression feel so uncomfortable that you may turn to drugs or alcohol to escape. Look at the psychological, physical, professional, and relationship consequences.

When your thinking is rigid and absolute, you tend to take an all-or-nothing approach and you are resistant to change.

For example, you may think that you are a failure at everything, and you may be resistant to hearing encouraging advice from your friends.

How you choose to interpret events, and your ability to reframe them is the power of mind over mood.

It is a step-by-step method for identifying your negative thinking and replacing it with healthier thinking. Numerous studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective for treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and life’s many challenges.[1, 2] Negative thinking is thinking that leads to negative consequences.

If you dwell on your worries or fears, you will eventually feel overwhelmed.

If you hold on to disappointments or resentments, you will sap the joy out of life.


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