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Perhaps after seeing numerous insects of different sizes, shapes, and color patterns, with sharing remarkable similarities (for instance, moth and butterfly), you may have wondered how many kinds of insects there are in nature?

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This is the regulation of cellular behavior by molecular signals from outside the cell.Examining the similarities and differences between cell types is particularly important to the fields of cell and molecular biology, because the principles learned from studying one cell type can be generalized to other cell types.Research in cell biology closely is related to genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and developmental biology.Have you ever observed the natural environment that surrounds you with keen interest and curiosity at some period in your life?Have you been fascinated by how many different kinds of animals exist?Most of the genetic information in the cell resides in the nucleus and is contained within the chromosomes (mitochondria also carry some DNA of their own).The study of the microscopically visible stages of cell division during mitosis and meiosis generally is considered part of cell biology, while the actual submicroscopic activity of DNA replication and protein synthesis is considered part of molecular biology.This is the study of interactions of molecules among the various systems of a cell, including the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and how these interactions are regulated.This is the study of the architecture and shape of biological macromolecules — proteins and nucleic acids in particular — and what causes them to have the structures they have.From the Golgi, membrane proteins can move to the plasma membrane or to other subcellular compartments, or they can be secreted from the cell.There is regular movement of proteins through these compartments.


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