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I just enjoyed — I know that sounds very odd — but I enjoyed interviewing and telling my story and speaking about suicide awareness. My mother participated in one pageant that I know of. My mom was never one of those crazy pageant moms that you see on TV, that has to pump me with Mountain Dew.The biggest thing for my mom was getting me out of my shyness.

Let me teach you the walk.” She bugged me so bad, but I was thankful for her. Those were the girls who won, like, Best Community Leadership and volunteer awards. My mother passed away when I was 10, and that’s who I did my pageants with, because of course Dad’s not going to. When I was 10, my mother committed suicide, so my platform was suicide awareness. After my mother committed suicide, I was very antisocial.

"We must protect our kids from the catwalk of shame." Sun-Herald [Sydney, Australia] 22 Sept.

I should be honest: I couldn’t watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

After fifteen minutes of Go Go Juice and pageant tantrums, I had to turn it off — not because I disapproved of the Thompson-Shannon family, but because I resented that the show wanted me to disapprove of them.

It’s the same way I feel when I watch Toddlers and Tiaras, where hyperprojecting mothers bitch-slap sequins onto eager-to-please daughters, inviting the viewer to wonder, What train wreck of adulthood lies ahead for America’s Honey Boo Boos?


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