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Sex tourism in Thailand is a colorful industry, where u could almost ask anything you are looking for pertaining ‘sex’.

Sex tourism in Thailand is a colorful industry, where u could almost ask anything you are looking for pertaining ‘sex’.

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Introduction In the United States prostitution for the most part is illegal.

Around the world though is practically the opposite. The US is one of the few countries in the world where prostitution is illegal.

Some girls they will name the price but some are shy, they depend on the generosity of the customers.

The cost of Bangkok prostitutes can be ranged from 1000 baht (short time) to 6000 baht.Many of them are having double lives and keeping their employment hidden from their families.Even some of them get treated badly, they silently suffer and tolerate with it because they need money to support them and their family and they know there is always a ready group of poorer migrants that are available to replace them anytime.Second, strongly enforce all laws against fraud, coercion, violence, child sexual abuse, child labor, rape, and racism everywhere and across national boundaries, whether or not in the context of prostitution.Third, guarantee prostitutes all human rights and civil liberties, including the freedom of speech, travel, immigration, work, marriage, and motherhood and the right to unemployment insurance, health insurance, and housing.However for the girls who work in the bar, the customer has to pay a bar fine before he can take her home with him, a fine should be around 200 to 500 baht depend on the place.An entertainment show like a lady boy show cost a customer around 550 baht.Most of them are sexy, cheerful and fun and can speak English.They can spend all evening, all week with the customers if both parties agree on the price but they can be a bit bitchy too if the customer is stingy.In this analysis, there will be a study about negative impacts and positive impacts of sex tourism in Bangkok, Thailand.What are the benefits it brings to the country and what are the damages it causes?


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