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Some of the more popular writers during this period were: Inspired by the Propagandists and Revolutionists writers and poets, more and more Filipinos started using the pen to share their sentiments and emotions.

A lot of Filipino poets emerged during this period.

By the time of completion of this topic, you should be able to: In the earlier years of American occupation, the inspiration of our Filipino writers in Spanish was our National Hero, Dr. His novels, Noli and El Fili, contained the best qualities of a novel ever written which inspired a lot of Filipinos to use the Spanish language.

Here are some of our outstanding writers in the Spanish language.

Hence, Julian Cruz Balmaceda, a popular writer, dramatist and critic classified these poets based on the poems that they wrote.

They are classified as: In the American period, a lot of changes began to unravel.Almost all literary genres were affected with the coming of the Americans and the English language.However, there are still Filipino men-of-letters who wanted to use the Tagalog medium and sought to improve various literatures using it.This period was characterized by the Filipino writers imitating the American and English writers.The UP College Folio, the school publication of the University of the Philippines, published literary compositions in English written by the pioneers in English poetry, essays and short stories.With the arrival of the English language, a new way of writing literature has emerged.The Filipinos, being lovers of languages and natural linguists, began using this new medium to record their thoughts, sentiments, ideas and views, dreams and fears as well as everyday life-matters. As students of Philippine literature, you need to understand how Philippine literature in English developed and improved from its early years during the American period and beyond.Pioneers in formal essay include: Short story as a literary genre was brought along by the Americans.Filipinos readily adopted short story because as a form of relaxation and entertainment, it proved to be worthwhile for one can read such in just a short while.To begin with, let us take a look at the three periods, namely: The Period of Re-orientation covered the early years of American period and the landing of the Americans to Philippine shores including the Philippine-American War.Even during the war, the Americans established public school system in areas that have been pacified.


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