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You’ll find out where they appli Essays That Scored. What’s the scariest part of the college application?For most, it’s that big white space where an essay is supposed to go.

But what is less well known is that different colleges favor particular topics and even specific words used in essays.

This is a key finding from Admit See, a startup that invites verified college students to share their application materials with potential applicants.

I read about kids who had travelled the globe, conducted science experiments in labs, and participated in an abundance of extracurricular activities, all of which screamed "my parents have money!

" I wanted to cringe at the "challenges" these kids faced, and there was not a single essay in the bunch that related to economic hardship.

So this book really helped me a lot in my own essay.

This book also contains many good essays from students all over the country.This book puts you in the admissions officer’s seat; we give you the intimate details–test scores, GPAs, demographic information, and of course, essays–of 89 elite college hopefuls. Eighty-nine real-life essays written by applicants to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, MIT, and more 2.You’ll find out where they applied and ultimately got in. Complete application profiles of all the students, including where they got in and where they didn’t3.Many are from people who got into well-ranked colleges, since they targeted these students first.The vast majority of these essays come from current college students who were admitted within the last two or three years.Something tells me that had The Princeton Review published the same book with excerpts from the top essays at public schools, the writing quality and content would have been better simply due to the depth of the student experiences.This book gives high school students tips about how to write a good college essay.Insider advice: Interviews with admissions pros at Amherst College, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Claremont Mc Kenna College, Johns Hopkins University, Macalester College, Middlebury College, New College of Florida, Northwestern University, United States Coast Guard Academy, Wellesley College, Williams College, and Yale University Inside you’ll find essays written for applications to the following colleges: Amherst College Barnard College Bates College Boston College Bowdoin College Brown University California Institute of Technology Carleton College Claremont Mc Kenna College Colby College Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Davidson College Duke University Georgetown University Harvard College Haverford College Johns Hopkins University Macalester College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Middlebury College New College of Florida Northwestern University Pomona College Princeton University Rice University Smith College Stanford University Swarthmore College Tufts University United States Air Force Academy United States Coast Guard Academy United States Naval Academy University of Chicago University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania Washington and Lee University Washington University in St.Louis Wellesley College Wesleyan University Williams College Yale University I picked up this older edition just out of curiosity as I know many young people who will be applying to college this year.But one thing i hate most about this is that all the essays are from students with high GPA and SAT scores (1400 and above). Getting into an elite college has never been more cutthroat.


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