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Portia strengthens her argument for mercy by acknowledging that which is usually attributed as the mightiest aspect of a ruler.She has committed no crime, she has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with.Usually the person making an argument will state a concession, then follow that with “but” to show how an opponent may be making a misguided argument.

Atticus also makes the concession that Mayella herself is a victim, though not of the crime on trial; she is a victim of poverty.

Yet Atticus affirms that these concessions aren’t enough either to sympathize with what she has done or even what she has undergone.

A concession is something yielded to an opponent during an argument, such as a point or a fact.

Concessions often occur during formal arguments and counterarguments, such as in debates or academic writing.

A writer or debater may agree with one aspect of his or her opponent’s ideas and yet disagree with the rest.

The writer will allow this one aspect to be true, while proving how the rest is wrong.But instead, we’ve seen in nation after nation, a number of disturbing events. Though Romney uses “but,” which could often signal that someone has just made a concession, he is pointing out the failures of policy rather than agreeing with anything that was done.A concession is when the writer takes time to explain some part of the other side of the issue.Then you overcome that concern by logic or with a solution. Well you said that we can’t have a pet because of Lisa, but are Lisa’s allergies really as important as rescuing that cat at the shelter who’s trapped in the cage and will be killed if he doesn’t find someone to adopt him??Many people argue that bullying is a natural part of society and that the only way to prevent the more serious effects of bullying is to punish those who do it and help the victims.This is because authors of literary works don’t usually make arguments that are as explicit as in these other forms of writing.However, some authors will create characters who make concessions to each other in conversation or arguments.Yet she believes—and argues—that mercy is an even more impressive thing for a leader to wield.This is because leaders don’t necessarily need to show mercy, and in so doing they show the power of their character.I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.contains an interesting example of concession right in the very opening lines.


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