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However, the majority of families that are not connected to the Internet live in urban areas that do have infrastructure. "There are 64 million Americans who are not connected to the Internet.Only 16 million of those are offline because there's not infrastructure," Aguh said.And then we have families who may have Internet access one month but then the next month it's interrupted because either the bill wasn't paid, or the data plan on their phone ran out.

It includes ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the interventions provided.

The outcome is to ensure that each Kansas student achieves to high standards.

Title I provides funds to ensure there are extra funds for staff, training and resources for students struggling in reading and math – impacting the majority of our schools nationwide (e.g.

the state of NY receives over $1 billion in Title I funding annually).

Showbie combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback and communication in one beautiful, easy-to-use app.

This means less time spent struggling with your tech setup, and more time for teaching and learning.

"The other 48 million are living in big urban metro areas where they have offers available to them. So we need to change our thinking and our mindset and our stereotype that this is a rural problem. It is really an urban and suburban problem." But the homework gap can exist even in households that do have Internet service, according to Sarah Trimble-Oliver, the chief information officer for Cincinnati Public Schools .

A couple of years ago, that district surveyed its students to ask if they had Internet at home, and 75 percent of students answered yes.

More Terms » : IDEA 2004 encourages schools to begin using a process that determines if a student responds to a "scientific, research-based intervention" as a part of the evaluation procedures to determine which students may have a specific learning disability (SLD) and need special education.

Response to Intervention (RTI) is the most commonly used method among the many multi-tiered intervention systems/methods being used by schools, districts and states.


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