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Stage Three: As the culminating activity of the program, each student writes an essay on the topic of “Courage in My Life.” The process of writing and editing the essay brings all the pieces of the curriculum together—reading, writing, critical thinking, and group discussions.Though the students’ stories vary widely, the common theme of courage unites them all.Each student will combine the written word and artistic expression to demonstrate their understanding of the effective use of communication to produce thoughtful and useful social change.

Final projects may include writing a letter to a community leader about a specific community problem, orchestrating a discussion with family members about a specific concern, or designing a brochure to educate the community about an issue that affects their community.

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Some teachers will use all five novels in the classrooms, others will supplement from their own reading lists.This year-long program shows ninth grade students in the Boston Public Schools and beyond that with careful and thoughtful responses, they can bring about change in the world around them.“The Courage of My Convictions” is aligned with state and district learning standards as appropriate to the ninth grade.His positive attitude and actions show students that they too are capable of acts of courage.The curriculum uses novels as a starting point for classroom discussions, teachers help students understand that courage can take many different forms.Courage is a simple word, but it has so many definitions.Every person can have his own meaning of this word.→ Get the Curriculum Teachers will receive the curriculum guides to help in laying a framework for the development of strong reading, writing, and comprehension skills.These guides aid teachers in facilitating discussion of student experiences that draw personal connections to the subject matter of the reading materials.Students begin the curriculum by reading about Max Warburg and watching a video about his life.The power of Max’s story lies not in his early death, but in how he dealt with adversity.


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