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For First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross it was pictures of Martha, and also letters from her whom he loved unrequitedly. Ted Kennedy made a statement which many Americans still remember because it summarized so eloquently Robert Kennedys life: Some men have seen things ...Another example and proof of irrelevance to survival was Ted Lavenders six or seven ounces of dope and nine extra M-79 Grenades which he was carrying when he was shot in the head. But how do they know if one of these lucky men or women ... , which result in them feeling different about sex and love. Philosophers and critical thinkers have deduced that death is a biological necessity.

Kiowa carries the bible because he is very religious.

He reads the bible each night in his foxhole before he goes to bed.

Extras such as these really did nothing more than give the men a false sense of security, which was probably necessary to cope with their surroundings. Men are commended for their strong attitude and aggressiveness towards sex ...

Last but certainly not least they carried with them love, guilt, memories, and fear of death. believe that they were equating love and sex which was the atmosphere then.

In “The Things They Carried”, by Tim O’Brien, the author portrays the soldiers’ personalities through the things they carried on them.

He also shows that some personalities aren’t fit for war, you need to be strong.Day and night is spent thinking of Martha and reading letters from her.At night he would dig his foxhole “wash his hands under a canteen, unwrap the letters, hold them with the tips of his fingers, and spend the last hour of light pretending...Kiowa carries a hunting hatchet and a bible in his rucksack.“Kiowa, a devout Baptist, carried an illustrated New Testament that had been presented to him by his father, who taught Sunday school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma” (117 O’Brien).O’Brien’s fantasy and daydreaming of Martha leads to the fall of his comrade, Ted Lavender.From that day on he changed his ways and tried to become more of a leader.Kiowa makes Jimmy come to sense about the fantasies after Ted Lavenders death. This was not Mount Sebastian, it was another world, where there were no pretty poems or midterm exams, a place where men died because of carelessness and gross stupidity. Boom-down, and you were dead, never partly dead” (128 O’Brien).Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is the platoon’s commanding officer.Ted Lavender is recurrent throughout the story in Jimmy’s mind.At the end of the story the significance of Pat Lavender is brought to attention.


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