Critical Essays On Medical Education

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Proceedings of the 40th Adult Education Research Conference, Vancouver: University of British Columbia. Contesting criticality: Epistemological and practical contradictions in critical reflection.

We will survey three prevalent traditions from which critical thinking theory emerges and the major features of the discourses associated with them: critical thinking as a set of technical skills, as a humanistic mode of accessing creativity and exploring self, and as a mode of ideology critique with a goal of emancipation.

The goal of this literature review is to explore the various ways in which critical thinking is understood in the literature, how and from where those understandings emerge, and the debates that shape each understanding.

Assessment of critical thinking ability in medical students.

Foreword: Critical thinking as a political project.

Thirty Fourth International Association of Educational Assessment Annual Conference.

Critical thinking—A definition and taxonomy for Cambridge Assessment: Supporting the validity arguments about critical thinking assessments administered by Cambridge Assessment.

A journey of critical consciousness: An educational strategy for health care leaders.

Walters (Ed.), Re-thinking reason: New perspectives on critical thinking (pp.

Historically, health science education has focused on content knowledge. The search-inference framework: A proposed strategy for novice clinical problem solving.

However, there has been increasing recognition that education must focus more on the thinking processes required of future health professionals.


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