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I thought, what a wonderful adventure it would be to team those two life models for me into a story in which they met an eccentric, old mentor figure. Pignati was based on an Italian grandfather that I knew. First, I think boys like to read about a male protagonist and I think girls like to read stories in which a young girl is the main character.

I wanted as large an audience as possible for my book.

The other important difference is that in a novel you can actually climb inside a character's head.

It differs strongly from a novel in that nearly all information, all conflict, and most of the plot is carried through dialogue.

He is a very nice and kind hearted man and tries to be nice to Lorriane and John.

“Make your self’s at home”, “have whatever you want” he says with a big smile,. Pignati gives Lorriane and John something that their parents don’t, freedom. Pignati, so they go to the zoo with him, but after a while they really like him and grow attached to him. Pignati a lonely man with only friend, a monkey at the local zoo, welcomed John and Lorriane as friends.

Before John Green, before Rainbow Rowell, there was a writer named Paul Zindel, and thank heavens for that.

As a result, I survived my teenage years despite having grown up in the dark ages. When high school sophomores John and Lorraine made a prank phone call to an elderly stranger named Angelo Pignati, what starts as a practical joke quickly turns into a friendship that changes all of their lives forever.

My second reason for using dual protagonists was because, I believe, without knowing it, I was psychologically equipped to record both the male and female point of view for The Pigman.

In order to make any character believable, you have to put a piece of yourself into each of them.


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