Critical Thinking Course Syllabus

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The Lifelong learning courses Learning Assessment Seminar , Foundations , and Summit Seminar will continue to employ the pass/fail system exclusively.

This policy applies to the other lifelong learning competencies and courses including, Academic Writing for Adults , Critical Thinking , Research Seminar , and Externship .

All Lifelong Learning courses offered by the School for Continuing and Professional Studies emphasize overarching skills in three categories: Learning from Experience; Inquiry; and Decision-making.

The assignments listed above track with these categories as follows: You do not have to purchase a textbook for this course.

The faculty member and the individual student together decide which system will best promote the student's learning in that particular course.

With no exceptions, a student must obtain permission from the instructor to use the grade option by the beginning of the third week of the quarter.In pursuing these goals, we touch on principles of logic, styles of persuasion and techniques of propaganda.We also consider some methods of thinking outside the box.All readings for the course appear in the course itself.These consist of a) the Introduction & Overview sections which accompany each course module; and as b) Ares – electronic reserve – readings that are embedded in each module and which appear under the heading “Additional Readings” in the Content for each module.This course aims to a) make students more aware of their own thinking processes; b) help them develop those processes; and c) help them bring those skills to bear on college-level intellectual activity.This involves an emphasis on the skills and strategies of close reading and analysis as well as practice in the recognition, construction and evaluation of arguments.Selected articles posted on Electronic Reserve at [Please note: the Chaffee text contains numerous “Thinking Activities” and “Questions for Analysis.” You are not required to write up any of these unless you are expressly instructed to do so.Any such instructions will appear under “Learning Activities” in the modules that follow.] This course consists of 10 modules.Assignments submitted late will receive reduced points.Assignments more than a week late will receive zero points. Students are expected to participate in course Discussions and to do so in a timely manner.


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