Crucible Mass Hysteria Essay

And he goes to save her, and, stuck two inches in the flesh of her belly, he draw a needle out." (Cheever pg. The idea that a witch's familiar spirit is capable of stabbing people is too scary for the superstitious and now hysterical people of Salem to give Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt.

No one even considers Mary's statement about sticking the needle in herself.

The price he has to pay in reputation to save his own life is ultimately too high.

The people in charge are so eager to hold onto their power that if anyone disagrees with them in the way the trials are conducted, it is taken as a personal affront and challenge to their authority.

If you can show that you understand the themes of a work of literature, you've clearly mastered the material on a deeper level.

In the next few sections, I'll take a look at a group of broad themes in First off, what is irony?Though Rebecca Nurse's involvement has already been corroborated by other confessors, Danforth demands to hear it from John to confirm that John is fully committed to renouncing his supposed ties to Satan.Even though there is significant reason to believe Abigail is lying about Elizabeth's familiar spirit stabbing her, the frenzied investigators ignore testimony that challenges their chosen witchy narrative.In her conversation with John, Abigail claims that he helped her realize all the lies she was told by two-faced people in Salem who only publicly adhere to the conventions of respectable society (pg. Hale wrongly assumes that his academic mindset will save him from jumping to the wrong conclusions in the witchcraft investigation.Ironically, he is the first to demand a confession from Tituba based on Abigail's dramatic but false testimony.themes are expressed, let's do a quick overview of what themes are and why they matter. What is the writer attempting to convey to the viewer?A theme is a central topic that is addressed by a work of literature. In the case of a play like , themes are revealed mainly through the dialogue of the characters. , you should have extensive knowledge of its themes.The importance placed on reputation helps perpetuate hysteria because it leads to inaction, inflexibility, and, in many cases, active sabotage of the reputations of others for selfish purposes.The overall message is that when a person's actions are driven by desires to preserve favorable public opinion rather than do the morally right thing, there can be extremely dire consequences.Once there have been enough convictions, the reputations of the judges also become factors.They are extremely biased towards believing they have made the correct sentencing decisions in court thus far, so they are reluctant to accept new evidence that may prove them wrong.


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