Culture Shock In Japan Essays

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Getting Genki in Japan is a collection of illustrated travel and culture essays and musings of a Down East Mom's absurd and exhilarating adventures in the Far East.

From bewildered and befuddled (and back again) to (somewhat) wise, these narratives recount a journey of cultural discoveries, experiences and the follies of a newcomer to Japan; including (mis)identifying food, (mis)pronouncing Japanese, (mis)pantomiming for necessities, and finally figuring out how to flush the Japanese toilet!

It is common for students to feel isolated, lonely and homesick.

Culture shock is a reality, that needs to be addressed. While studying and living abroad, you may face a ‘newness’ in everything you do.

You may not be used to the rules and regulations in your host country.

People’s attitudes and behavior may seem strange to you.

“The first two months abroad were excruciatingly difficult.

Finding roommates to share the room, adjusting with their cultural and personal lifestyle, and then the challenges of adjusting in the sea of diversity in class. Initially, it was fun to try out new foods, but I started to miss the aromas and tastes of my home.

In my initial observations of how teachers at my school delivered their lessons, it seemed that they focused solely on grammar and textbook memorization.

After a few weeks, I started to wonder: where were the lessons plans that prepared students to use English in the real world?


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