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Please don’t change my DNA without asking me, thank you very much.

Others may find this even worse: a form of global bioterrorism.notes in a comment below: “[Dan Brown]‘s overpopulation fears make him sound like he’s writing half a century ago. In fact, fertility rates continue their decades-long precipitous decline.

Pandora is out of the box, and there’s no putting her back in.

Bertrand has created the keys to modify the human race.“ It turns out that Zobrist’s released his virus a week before the events.

He understood the astonishing powers of technology and believed that in the span of several generations, our species would become a different animal entirely — genetically enhanced to be healthier, smarter, stronger, even more compassionate [as we learn from one of the main characters later]. He didn’t think we’d live long enough as a species to realize that possibility. He was also obsessed with the global population explosion, and an ensuing Malthusian hell — caused by overpopulation. He thought that the Black Death, which killed 30 to 60 percent of Europe’s population of Europe in the Middle Ages, was one of the best things that ever happened to Europe, because it reduced the population and created a surplus of food and wealth that opened the way to the Renaissance.

So did Zobrist create a plague to curb the world’s population?

follows art historian Robert Langdon in a fast-paced roller-coaster hunt for the source of a genetic hack delivered to everyone on the planet via a highly contagious airborne virus.

As in previous novels, Langdon works against the clock to decipher hints hidden in the treasures of the world’s art and literature, fighting intrigue and deception.

This is an important moment in the history of transhumanism — but good or bad?

A genetic-engineering mystery The book opens with the suicide of famous genetic engineer Bertrand Zobrist, a scientific genius who jumps to his death from a historical building in Florence.


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