Differences Between Chinese And American Culture Essay

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If you have a different opinion about a specific topic, the instructor may give you a chance to share it once in the classroom, but after that, he or she will still require everyone to write the exact thing he or she taught on the exam.The Chinesepropriety also requires students to nod or bow when saying hello to their teachers every time they meet on campus.

Cultural morals, lifestyle and morals have a potential role in the parent’s style of interaction with their children (Holgate et al., 2006).

According to Worthman, parenting styles comes in three major types.

Parental concern as well as punishment can wield an immense weight on children (Holgate, Evans & Yuen, 2006).

This study looks at the effects of cultural differences in parenting of the Americans and Chinese.

To call a teacher by his or her first name is considered rude and inappropriate.

Students must raise hands to answer or ask a question, and they cannot speak unless picked by the instructor.

When picked by the instructor to answer or ask a question, students must stand up to show their respect to the instructor.

Students do not always participate in the classroom.

This is because the purpose of them is to sit in the classroom to copy and memorize all the stuff that the instructor teaches them, then to paste it on the exam paper and get a good grade.

You may see all the Chinese students in your classroom mute their voice through the whole semester, because they have been trained not to speak their minds and not to raise any conversation that has an opposite or different opinion to the instructor’s teaching. They test how well you can memorize the textbook contents and key words.


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