Do We Have A Right To Privacy Essay

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These boundaries are both physical and informational.

We need places of solitude to retreat to, places where we are free of the gaze of others in order to relax and feel at ease.

Without having knowledge of what data is being used, how it is being used, the ability to correct and amend it, we are virtually helpless in today’s world.

Moreover, we are helpless without the ability to have a say in how our data is used or the ability to object and have legitimate grievances be heard when data uses can harm us.

Most people don’t want everybody to know everything about them – hence the phrase “none of your business.” And sometimes we don’t want to know everything about other people -- hence the phrase “too much information.” 5.

Trust In relationships, whether personal, professional, governmental, or commercial, we depend upon trusting the other party.

People judge badly, they judge in haste, they judge out of context, they judge without hearing the whole story, and they judge with hypocrisy.

Privacy helps people protect themselves from these troublesome judgments. Maintaining Appropriate Social Boundaries People establish boundaries from others in society.

Personal data is used to determine whether we are investigated by the government, or searched at the airport, or denied the ability to fly.

Indeed, personal data affects nearly everything, including what messages and content we see on the Internet.


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