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Just remember: there is more than one way of doing art history.I don't care how crazy you say you are, how much you think you like adventure. Both often work hard to gain the background and skills that will help them be successful.That's why there are prestigious schools of science and art. Quora and Facebook and telephones and books and movies are all about sharing our points of view and seeing the world through another's eyes and experiences. Both artists and scientists strive to see the world in new ways, and to communicate that vision. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, share their viewpoint, make their opinion heard.Scientists do experiments over and over and over, trying to pin down some new aspect of reality. ** I used visual art analogies, but I think this is true for any art medium, including music, written word, spoke word, dance, mathematics, and cooking.Once they have their new understanding, there are pre-arranged traditional modes of communication that make that part easier. Technology and decoration are applications of science and art for practical purposes. But they don't change how we fundamentally perceive what is around us. originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.Even though you are new to analyzing the visual arts, the skills you have learned in other fields will serve you well in this discipline.If you have ever analyzed a poem or developed an understanding of a historical period, you are prepared to think and write like an art historian.I think one of the most primitive innate needs of humans is to understand the world around us, and then share that understanding. It happens as a result of neurological diseases like schizophrenia. Scientists tend to struggle more gaining the new insights.We need to understand because we are terrified by things that are unpredictable, that don't make sense. Scary movies are all about unpredictability and things that just cannot be real. Artists tend to struggle more with the communication. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, share their viewpoint, make their opinion heard.


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