Douglass Learning To Read And Write Essay

A story of overcoming adversity, and achieving the impossible in a time whenever all odds were against him.Intention: The intention of this piece is to tell Douglass’ story of how he came to learn how to read and write.I really enjoyed the style of this essay; it was simple and easy to understand, but also showed that Douglass was an educated man.

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I immediately commenced copying them, and in a short time was able to make the four letters named.” The pict... Douglass centralized his writing around his personal experiences, studying and accomplishing the ability to read and write despite the many difficulties he faced.I learned that literacy allowed slaves to view their “wretched condition, without the remedy,” (262).Literacy revealed to Douglass just how horrible his condition was.Douglass does not include over-the-top imagery and descriptions, but he includes just enough to allow the reader to picture what he was experiencing.He describes his mistress as “pious, warm, and tender hearted,” (260).Arrangement: This essay is told through a series of stories about Douglass’ life.It goes in chronological order; the story begins with him having a desire to read, and ends with him learning how to write.The piece tells of the troubles and repercussions that reading and writing bestowed on Douglass. His sentences are very direct and to the point; it is not difficult to decipher what he is trying to say.For example, he begins his essay with, “I lived in Master Hugh’s family about seven years.For him to envy the other slaves for their lack of knowledge is extremely powerful; people should strive for knowledge, not for stupidity.He clearly expresses the pain and burden that literacy has brought upon him.


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