Easy Environmental Science Essay Topics

Easy Environmental Science Essay Topics-7
After all, you never hear anyone say, "Like a breath of dirty air," do you?

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As some new scientific evidence has pointed to human-caused pollution as being one of the primary reasons for environmental damage around the world, there are still a number of topics that have yet to be fully explored.

"The planet is in distress," according to Al Gore, and his statement reflects our abiding responsibilities for the care of the environment and the viability of our water supply.

A valuable research paper topic can address this question, attempt to prove global warming as a viable concern or debunk it as a "Chicken Little" fear.

Either way, your students will find a spectrum of evidence that supports either view and good research material for their essays.

Water pollution, once thought a vanished concern of the 1970s, is still very much with us, and the groundwater quality of various locations is still of great concern to experts.

Student research essays can select water quality as a topic, researching the current extent of water pollution as well as our efforts to overcome it.

Find out which materials will break down and which materials won't. When you walk on the grass, you are squishing millions of micro-invertebrates!

Will the results of this experiment change which products you often buy? You can use tongue depressors smeared with Vaseline to check for smog particles in different areas; just stick in the ground and look at them a few days later. Just kidding, these animals are too small to squish.

Read more Smog days are often posted in your local newspaper. Learn how to catch them by making a Berlese funnel in this fun project that will teach you about soil.

Check how many smog days your city has had in the last year. You can also take pictures of your city landscape on high and low smog days. Read more Have you ever looked around and noticed the plants and animals that grow in your neighborhood?


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