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During the time of the Civil War, most people received no formal training at all.

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Tutors and private academies only trained the few that could afford an education, which increased the value of it.

Education played a major role in history during the Antebellum and Reconstruction period because it was proved to be powerful and important to many people especially to the African American.

There are a number of people who are illiterate or have low literacy skills.

This accounts for a majority of the impoverished and undeveloped people.

With an education, these people could get a job and make some money.

The money earned could help pay for food or a place to live.

Furthermore, with an education a person can satisfy his or her dreams.

An education provides people with information and knowledge for getting a job and pursuing their dreams.

This idea was put practiced for slave owners does not want their slaves to be educated and understand their rights so they can easily control them.

Although they were not allowed to receive any education, many African American educated themselves secretly and as a result, they were severely punished by their master.


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