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Section 3) Don’t do drugs because you will end up broke due to A) your spouse divorcing you, B) losing your job, and C) because you blew it up your nose.Conclusion: Don’t do drugs and screw up your life, because you’ll end up unemployed, alone, and broke.

Section 3) Don’t do drugs because you will end up broke due to A) your spouse divorcing you, B) losing your job, and C) because you blew it up your nose.Conclusion: Don’t do drugs and screw up your life, because you’ll end up unemployed, alone, and broke.

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Many different colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability to their course and degree programs.

Introduction: Research is Never a Waste of Time, But Always Make Good Use of Your Time.

This audio file is a supplement to the text portion of this packet, and is meant to be listened to the powerpoint slide.

Background Knowledge: By this point, a student should have been exposed to basic research techniques and have a minimum of 3-5 sources to begin to write from.

When you have a few examples, choose the topic that you feel meets your course requirements, the needs of your intended (or imagined) audience, and/or has the most relevant source material to support it. For some, this topic may seem like it's ready to be written about, but the level of precision required in the context of academic writing requires writer-researcher to go through a few additional steps.

In other words, many articles have already been written that describe various aspects of organic matter decomposition, so we must down our chosen topic so that we can focus our research efforts on a more precise question or thesis statement.The process described in this learning packet involves six steps that take virtually any topic in the universe and develop it into an arguable topic that can be explored and defended through research. 306 Institutions have accepted or given pre-approval for credit transfer.* The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE Credit®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for 29 of Sophia’s online courses.For an undergraduate course project, finding five or six sources might seem like plenty of material to review, but graduate-level writing projects typically involve up to 20 sources minimum.Please note that the main point here is not to say that it is only the number of research articles matters most, but rather that having a broad spectrum of papers to choose from helps you choose your topic for at least the following two reasons: 1) a larger pool of sources provides you with a broader perspective of the topics within your scope of research and 2) along the way you will find many topics within your field that you DO NOT want to write about!Depending on the topic or scope of your research, it is also natural to spend many days and weeks - and in some cases months and years - searching.No matter how great or small the scope of research is, the serious researcher needs to reserve adequate time to perform a thorough survey of published articles.To choose a general topic, follow the following steps: 1) Choose a topic area.This audio file describes the process of choosing and narrowing a topic that is demonstrated in this learning packet.If you compare the following example with the previous step, you might notice how the context of decomposition moves from just a generalized process of decomposition to a particular process that involves household waste.In addition, this example makes a firm statement that can be argued and supported.


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