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Elissa Hansen has more than nine years of editorial experience, and she specializes in academic editing across disciplines.She teaches university English and professional writing courses, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English and a certificate in technical communication from Cal Poly, a Master of Arts in English from the University of Wyoming, and a doctorate in English from the University of Minnesota.The College Composition Modular is a new CLEP test that replaced English Composition CLEP (without essay) and the Freshman College Composition CLEP.

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In essay two, you can use those kinds of evidence to make your case, but you must also use both of the passages provided in the question. Having a logical structure in mind helps you insert transitions among sentences and paragraphs as you write.

I wanted to know from people who've already given it: What was your essay score, and what effect did it have on your final score? If it's any consolation, College Composition had one of the highest pass rates among CLEPs in 2017. My biggest tips for this exam: On test day, you'll get two different kinds of essays.

How did you prepare for those random topics like,"Only impossible goals in life are the ones we set for ourselves" and things like that? For the first one, you'll be asked to draw on your own experience to explain your position on a topic.

So, I tried again with a different test and a different study guide of yours. I've taken and passed six CLEP/DANTES tests with the help of your study guides for 18 hours.

I'm actually thinking about giving the College Comp CLEP, and I think I'll do okay on the MCQs, but just the thought of the essays are killing me! Unfortunately, they don't split-out scores between the multiple choice and exam sections.


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