Essay About Computer S Advantages And Disadvantages

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Each of these things was either impossible or much slower with all pre-existing technologies.By being able to store books, documents, movies, pictures, and songs digitally, you can quickly find what you need with a search and share information between devices.It eliminates the need for paper and plastics used to make non-digital versions of the media.Person can perform multiple task, multiple operation, calculate numerical problems within few seconds.Computer can perform trillion of instructions per second. Now a day’s computer has very important role in human life.Once those books are stored on a computer they can be sorted into categories, alphabetized, and can be searched to find exactly may be looking for in less than a minute.Trying to find the same text in a million books would take a human months if not years.A computer can also use its stored information more efficiently than any other device.In our earlier example, we mentioned the ability to store millions of books.Computers are capable of storing and accessing vast amounts of information.For example, a computer and devices like e Book readers can store hundreds and if given enough storage could store millions of books.


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