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We don't have to go through the hustle and bustle of the big city life like KL. I love how the colonial buildings within the town area have been restored so beautifully and of course, the food is the best! That it is still behind in terms of design and technology.We are actually making a lot of progress with modernizing the town while retaining its rich heritage/culture. " style="" NICOL DAVID AND SQUASH How did you get into squash? I get up, have breakfast, get through my first training session (either squash with my coach, Liz Irving or a pure physical workout session) then lunch, second training session (again either squash or physical), dinner then chill in the evening on the sofa—or sometimes I get a recovery session with my sports therapist. In Amsterdam, I'm generally surrounded by healthier food and I replace my energy well with a balanced meal after my training sessions. If you can only eat one Penang food for the rest of your life, it would be seafood (more specifically, crab).

If you really don’t know who she is, you’ve either (a) been living under a rock or (b) been living in a hut, hidden in a remote cave that happens to be blocked-in by a really large rock.

MINI GUIDE TO PENANG - Chulia Court, The Tavern for five different kinds of laksa (my favourite is the Crab Laksa and Assam Laksa) and other great local favourites.

- My favourite local char koay teow stall at Batu Lanchang Market during lunch time (remember to request for duck egg).  " style="" - Beach Blanket Babylon in town with an outdoor setting overlooking the waterfront. Check out Dato' Nicol David's new website or follow her on Instagram @nicoldsquash.

Although she does admit to enjoying anything fried or deep-fried; cheat days be damned.4.

Back home in Penang When she’s back home in Penang she names char kuey teow and chilli crab as her must eats, and Batu Ferringhi beach, Chulia Court, The Tavern and Three Sixty Skybar as her must visits.5.


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