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The approach to beauty and art became more metaphysical and transcendental.A leader in the renewed attempt of art as science was Hippolyte Taine, who proposed that styles of art should be studied in the same way as plants are studied by botanists, and are subject to the same evolutionary development.It can simply be drawn to the only three things involved in the process of art : The creator, the person experiencing, and the art itself.

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However, it may also include the landscaping in a small town square.

So then, art is defined as something that deals with both the “useful” and “fine” arts, insofar as they appeal to aesthetic taste, or as long as they are created with the specific intent to cause a reaction, whether it be positive or negative.

It is traditionally regarded as a branch of philosophy, concerned with the understanding of beauty and its manifestations in art and nature. Postmodern Anxiety & the Aesthetics of Destruction To borrow a term from the seminal postmodern scholarship of Ihab Hassan, we are living in a moment of indeterminacy.

However, in the latter 20th century there developed a tendency to treat it as an independent science, concerned with investigating the phenomena of art and its place in human life produced during Ibsen’s tenure of office. As linearity went the way of modernism, today's culture is one of interconnectivity, webs and networks.

At the same time in Germany, the name Kunstwissenschaft was applied to the historical writings of Semper, Fiedler, Burckhardt, and Riegl.

In their writings, they strove for neutrality in comparative analysis in order to avoid personal judgments of art, therefore evading any biased opinions in dealing with the newly classified science of .

This directs the student towards a very broad field.

For example, architecture may involve the Sistine Chapel, considered one of the world’s most loved works of art.

David Bennett Symbolism in Visual Art I considered talking about symbolism in art for a various of reasons.

Just as in literature, those who express themselves through media such as paint, clay or even architecture often use symbols to further their own artistic expression.


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