Essay About School Uniform Should Be Banned

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In many cases, purchasing one school uniform is insufficient, as students will need multiple uniforms to wear throughout the week as well as separate uniforms suitable for different types of weather.While some school districts supply uniforms for free, debate has resulted regarding whether that's the best use of taxpayer dollars.

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Students can express their creativity and individuality choosing the clothes that they are going to wear and this can make them know that they have some likes that are different from other people.

If schools have uniforms, that will be the only option for kids to wear and, what happens if a kid don't find his/her size?

Edith Quinn has been writing since 1998 when she landed her first newspaper reporting job.

Spending most of her career working for community newspapers, she has covered everything from ribbon cuttings to criminal trials.

It’s time to get our ideas together for the next class debate.

The motion is ‘That this house believes that school uniforms should be banned’.

Students who aren't able to explore their own personalities and express themselves as individuals, which occurs when wearing a uniform, may have their growth inhibited as they enter young adulthood.

Despite the best efforts of educators to promote an inclusive environment for all students, cliques comprise many schools.

Regardless of their negative reputations, cliques allow students to express themselves and find acceptance within their individual peer groups.

Having students wear uniforms may prevent students from forming peer relationships that are crucial to social development.


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