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Responsibility Part of your child's education is learning to be responsible.

The school experience teaches children how to meet expectations.

In most jurisdictions (if not all) grades are supposed to reflect the student’s ability to meet the intended learning outcomes of the course they are enrolled in.

In my 20 years I have never seen a curriculum guide that had “handing in work on time” as a learning intention.

Like “0”, I was the early in my career; “10% per day” was my middle name.

Over the years I saw the late penalty as a waste of time. 10% is a nice round number and that’s likely the reason we’ve chosen it through the decades as it keeps the math easy!

But parents who drive their children must also remember to be punctual and responsible.

Here is my issue with Late Penalties being applied to student work.

Not only that once the child is stopped I gaurantee the child will make sure to come early the next time.

This may be a little cruel but in the real world with an important job if u r not punctual ur boss may not just send u home but he will fire u.


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