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In coming to America, I have one memory that sticks out among the rest.

In coming to America, I have one memory that sticks out among the rest.Flying into a city, one whose name has become lost to me, I once again saw the bright lights.It was four years ago that I re-acquainted myself with my old elementary school love, baseball cards. the transaction was completed and I was back to sleep.

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These memories are my constant reminder of what has become my own basic philosophy on life.While I was in China, my parents studied diligently in Lawrence, Kansas.I know this because after coming to America, I grew up around high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and reaction mechanisms; I remember minute details from the amount of time I spent in the cramped quarters of the lab.We then help you to polish your expression, grammar, and use of language to present the best of your writing.If you are interested in the actual editing process please take a look at how we edit. That’s the earliest memory I can faithfully recollect, the first point in my timeline.But most of all, I feel the care of my grandmother and my aunt, feeding both my cousin and me while we watched the birds fly through the hazy sky.Today, the setting is different – a rural New England town, surrounded by the vivid colors of falling leaves. I now know about the sacrifices that my parents made on my behalf.Our goal is to help you find the angle in your essay that makes you shine.We work with you first to communicate your story as powerfully as possible – to craft your ideas around a compelling theme and reveal your passions and your personality.Some would consider instant messaging fellow card traders in Japan at 3 a.m. My office was my bedroom, my research center was the family laptop, and my distributor was the United States Postal Service.While most of my friends were writing on each other’s Facebook Wall, I was on researching the price of a 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax card.


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